Thursday, September 22, 2005

A newspaper review of Sokcho

I can't remember when I last wrote about Gangwon so I'd better say something now.

On that half-hearted note, last week Mr. Reeck of the Hankooki newspaper wrote about his trip to Sokcho. The story is more about his reasons for travel and high hopes that were, ultimately dashed. He spent some time here but never made it to Seoraksan; I'm not sure what he did here other than haggle for a good room.

He did do a good job of describing people's fascination with cetain places. Koreans sold him on Sokcho as a city both calm and peaceful, and wild and natural when there isn't much difference, as cities go, between Sokcho and any other small city. It is close to a lot of nature but it isn't really any kind of eco-city.

Actually, I think the north end is more natural and scenic - another example of grass-is-greener syndrome as I live in the South end and have not spent that much time in the north. Youngnang Lake (in the north) is prettier than Cheongcho Lake (near my apartment) but equally hemmed in by buildings.

Mr Reeck and I agree that the squid boats are a wonderful sight. Each boat has ten or twenty or more huge and expensive lights that attract squid to the surface (they are naturally attracted to the full moon and the lights are a super-attractor). As I understand it, there is a direct relationship between candlepower and total catch. He wrote that the fishermen lower the lights and that's possible but I don't see how. Also the lights are pretty hot and I think would explode in contact with even a moderate splash of water. He also expressed a wish to ride such a boat on his next visit. Apparently he speaks Korean, so I guess he might be able to manage it but these boats are not pleasure cruisers and I don't think they take passengers. If he does, he'd better bring some sunblock and dark sunglasses because those lights hurt my eyes when I am on shore a kilometer or more away.


Vivi said...

Would you be interested in writing a Korean adoptee who was born in Sokcho City, but was adopted to a couple in the US? I'm sure he can use some info directly from someone that lives there. His name is Todd (Kim, Hyung-Rae) Tarselli. You can see some of his artwork here:'s%20page.htm You can reach him at I actually take care of that email box for him. We are on a search for his biological family, which you can imagine isn't that easy from way out here in the USA! We can use some addresses of newspapers from Sokcho and some other info that I haven't been able to find online. Maybe you can send us a couple of links or addresses of people we can contact for help in finding out more info on Sokcho City and the families living there? Or maybe even contact him to say hello and find out more about him? He's really a great guy with a sharp mind, someone you might find interesting to talk to.

Thanks a million and Happy New Year, Year of the Dog!

Vivi Valentine

Anonymous said...

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