Monday, September 19, 2005

Henry Ford was on to something

<(The author, displaying his impeccable fashion sense).

If anyone reading has actually met me, they will know my sophisticated writing style hides a complete lack of fashion or sartorical style. In fact, of the two articles I am commenting on, the first one caught my eye purely because of it's possible racist message. "Black, British Look Is In For Men" describes new fashion styles inspired by British clothing styles and the increased use of the color black, not, well, I don't know; I guess afros or such.

The second article is also about the color black, in some new lines of cell phones. What interested me, in addition to finding two articles about black being 'the new black', was how the new style is thin-thin-thin, even to the point of losing the Swiss-Army-Knife range of features. Phones that are only phones are popular again.

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