Wednesday, September 28, 2005

I'm still here

I've been a little busy lately and haven't found anything special to write about. I now have a few things, but am still too busy to write more than a few lines to keep you all updated and reassure you about my health and such.

First, PSAs: This weekend is the Yangyang Songi mushroom festival. If you will be near anyway, it's worth seeing but it's not really worth long travel, unless you are knowledgeable about mushrooms.
Second, there is an 'Aquathlon' in Sokcho on Sunday. You could race in a 3km swim and 30km run or swim 1km and run 10km, if you are interested. I think the water is still fine for swimming, although I am sure the competitors will be wearing wet-suits.

Last weekend, I rented a car and took my mother to Kyoungju. It was my third visit to Kyoungju and it was okay, a wonderful place but I've seen most of it already. The drive there on the coast was fan-freakin-tastic! In fact, I think the Kyoungsangbuk coast is more beautiful and rugged than the Gangwon coast.

This weekend, I am off to Seoul with my mother for a few hours of last-minute shopping before she flies home.

I should be posting more regularly starting next week.


usinkorea said...

I believe you are in the neck of the woods of the famous Yulgok...

Have you been to his house and other attractions and/or caught the festival they hold in his and his mother's honor in, I believe, Oct?

When I was in Korea last, 2002, I was doing some research on hyanggyo and Confucian education, and I wanted to go to the Yulgok festival there, but that was the year of the big flooding, so I decided not to. I also couldn't find the dates for the Yulgok festival in Paju, but I did make it to his grave site and other things in the park near there. (That festival is going on until Oct. 2nd this year.)

kwandongbrian said...

Yulgok's home, O-jook-hyeon is in Gangneung. I finally visited it in the spring of this year.

I have visited the Hyanggyo in Yangyang during a ceremony - with a member of the Kong family beside me!

I didn't notice your comment until after the 2nd. Thanks for the comment.