Monday, August 08, 2005

At the beach

Although I am at camp now, I was able to get home for the weekend and see the wife and little one. Care for little ones being what it is, I found myself awake before 7:00am Sunday morning so went to Sokcho beach for an hour.

The beach in the morning is a remarkable place. At 7:30, there were almost equal numbers heading home as arriving and the restaurants were still serving pork and soju. It is entirely possible that beach sand should be pure white and the gold colour comes from the quantity of beer spilled on it; man, that morning beach smelled like a brewery.

While swimming, I found 10,000won and a set of car keys. I investigated a lot of other junk while swimming the length of the beach a few times. Swimming for exercise that early in the morning can be annoying but the sun was hidden on Sunday by thick clouds so I wasn't dazzled.

I saw several fish and one jellyfish, which I know from past experience is a harmless species.

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