Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Pyeongchang homestays

According to the Joongang, there are some good farmstays available in Pyeongchang - probably for speakers of Korean only though. The stays seem very inviting and I found the way they were organized to be most interesting part.

A group of 82 villagers formed the 'Nongbak Association", a combination of Nongwon (farm) and minbak (Inn). Many of the farmstays offer their own packages; cooking classes, carpentry classes and fishing were some listed.

I have nothing but respect for Nonghyup bank, which backed and assisted their plans. It is the only bank to have gone through the IMF crisis unharmed. Although Gangwondo is poor farmland and Nonghyup a farmer's bank, the two seem like mirror images; conservative, dependable and unexciteable.

The homestay website (in Korean) can be found here.

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