Friday, August 12, 2005

Summer Valetine's Day

Topic: Culture
Damn, I'm one day late.

I read an article on the Yonhap site three weeks ago and wanted to post on the 11th in honor of my wonderful wife. I guess this isn't as bad as missing an anniversary.

Korea has it's own romantic day, lunar July 7th. Purists and lovers of local traditions are upset with Valentine's Day being so popular now. Korea has it's own day and doesn't need imports.

According to the story, which sounds somewhat familiar so I'm sure that, however Korean it is, the idea has some miles on it, a man and woman fall in love. of course, this being a proper Confucian-type love tale, they fall in love only after asking their parents for persmission. They were together all the time and began neglecting their work so the heavenly lord separated them and now allows them to see each other only once a year, on Lunar July 7th.

I am at camp now and can't see my wife or newborn son and I miss them as perhaps Gyeonu of the story misses Jingnyeo. I love you, Nama. See you this weekend. Be ready for a big hug.

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