Friday, August 12, 2005

I want one!

Topic: Cycling

At this site are some damn cool bikes. I prefer touring bikes and these don't look like heavy load bearing bikes, but I want one.

It's one of the first bikes in the world to have no rear hub. That's right, no rear hub. The rear wheel has a special magnetically polarized rim that is suspended inside the frame, where it floats inside a magnetic suspension field.

The site goes into some reasons why no having no hub is a good thing but they aren't selling a bike like this to rational people; I just know I want one. But... how do you steer?


oranckay said...

It's all yours. You can have it.

I guess that one and the rest at that link are nice to look at if you don't think of how impractical they'd be to fix. Of course I'd like to try one out and would be kinda fun at a velodrome even if they look uncomfortable.

My idea of ideal bikes can be seen heres: 1, 2,3. Racing styles, too, but always steel and always lugged.

kwandongbrian said...

I visited your restored website but couldn\'t figure out how to register to leave comments. Glad you\'re back.

Yeah, these bikes are impractical. I would be more likely to by a semi-mainstream reclining bike before the one pictured here. Still, they\'re eye-candy.

kwandongbrian said...

I originally found the link to the bikes on MSNBC\'s \'Clicked\'. Recently, someone wrote in to point out that at the bottom of the page were the words, \"Loof Lirpa Publishing\".

Loof Lirpa is \"April Fool\" backwards so now I don\'t know if these bikes even exist.

The letter can be found at: