Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A typical day at work

Here I am in my blogging persona.  You mean not everybody makes a fake 'press' card to fit in their hat when they blog?

I chose to take public transit to work today.  I first take an city bus, then an inter-city bus.  Between buses, I had to wait a bit so I visited the ocean.

Homework, based on what turned out to be difficult exam questions, included the request that students compare themselves to me.

Apparently, I have a nose like [a] high mountain. And yes, I am afraid of the dentist.  I mean, I've seen Marathon Man - and had plenty of work done.

This homework looked too good to be true.  The next request was to tell me about a time the student had been happy (this is a different student, by the way).   There was one thing that the student really should have noticed, whatever his level:

It will be easy to you to find, and probably you would have found it without the circle.  Especially with the source in Korean and translated onsite.

Okay, back to my alter-identity:

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