Sunday, November 08, 2009

Sort of Gangwon related

A Dr. Samia Mounts from the Seoul American elementary school recently visited a cement factory - probably in Donghae or Samcheok, and although that is not the point of her article in the Korea Herald, it is enough for me to discuss her article here (the two cities are in Gangwon).

The point of the article is Makgeolli and Makgeolli bread. She was on her trip and over-indulged a little. She still had a lot of makgeolli but felt unable to drink it. Instead, she made bread and it sounds delicious. It sounds good enough, and is so well explained, in fact, that I may try to make it myself. Seeing as I have never made bread before, that is quite an accomplishment on Dr. Mounts part.

I don't like to paste large sections from other websites, but here is the ingredient list:

Makgeolli bread

l 1 3/4 cups makgeolli (warmed)

l 1/4 cup olive oil

l 2 tablespoons sugar

l 1 teaspoon salt

l 1 package fast-acting yeast

l 3 cups all-purpose flour

l 1 cup sweet rice flour

l 1/4 cup sesame seeds for garnish (optional)

There are also some mouth-watering pictures of, well, bread - I can't say for sure that they are made from the recipe.

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