Monday, November 09, 2009

A masters in TESOL

I'm looking for some advice. I want to get my Masters in TESOL and have a few questions that I hope my loyal readers could answer.

First, it would be easiest if I could do my degree at home. I am currently looking at Birmingham University, Anaheim U and the New School; chiefly because these three had seminars at The KOTESOL conference. In the lead is Birmingham.

At some point I would like to return to Canada. Would a degree from these universities be recognized, or approved of? I'm hoping that online or correspondence degrees have lost some of their bad reputation. One way or another, they are expensive enough and will take enough time that I wouldn't want to do it for nothing.

Can readers suggest other universities?

Any suggestions would be welcome.


Kevin Kim said...

Your purpose is to return to Canada and to continue teaching English there? I ask because, if there's a chance you might be thinking about coming back to Korea, you could probably go through the MA TESOL program at Sookmyung Women's University. A buddy of mine went through it; I can put you in contact with him.

If, however, your long-term plan is indeed to remain in Canada, then I don't know enough about the schools you're looking at to offer any useful advice.


Daniel Costello said...

Hi Brian,

I can't believe your scientific mind would dither over decisions like this?

I would recommend Canadian Virtual University courses if your goal is to employ your graduate education in Canada.

The majority are available at Athabaska.

The cheapest best value distance MA (I believe) comes from England. It's not in the sciences.

Sheffield Hallym - high research scores for a reasonable price.

Cheers, Dan

kwandongbrian said...


Yes, I want to move to Canada...sometime. If you want, I would be interested in hearing about the Sookmyung Ma TESOL
kwandongbrian (at) gmail (dot) com

I'm quite a ditherer. Thanks for the info about Athabaska.
Do Sheffield Hallym grads perform a lot of research or have researchers found the Sheffiled MA is a good program?


Daniel Costello said...

Hi Brian,

I liked the range of studies possible with the Sheffield Hallym program as they semi-include some of my previous literature interests in the 16th century. At the same time they cover economics and culture also current and past interests.

It's practical application would be to PhD students interested in history and its currrency to modern day globalisation.

Dr. Barbara Bush focuses heavily upon emancipation history and it would be incredible to be taught by emancipation specialists IMHO.

Their research assessment grade is level five in the UK considered of international renown (RAE of HEFC).

Guess you know what I would consider learning if I was moving on from my current position.

On a lighter side any postgraduate study should be considered an emancipation from dithering towards focus and excellence!

Cheers, Daniel