Friday, November 13, 2009

Dying from voluntary overtime

From the Korea Times, I learned that Koreans really can work themselves to death.

Deaths that occur during "voluntary" nightshift should be acknowledged as industrial incidents and should be compensated for, a court ruled Wednesday.

According to the Seoul Administrative Court, a man identified as Park died after having run night shifts at a car accessory plant for more than five weeks in a row. The widow asked the government for compensation, but her request was rejected because he had volunteered.

This is almost the entire article. No word is given on where or how Mr. Park died. I can accept that the man wanted to work or needed the money or the like, but why would the plant want someone to work that long? If someone works himself to death, I would definitely be suspicious of the last few days products.

"I want a car built between Tuesday and Thursday and not by anyone who has worked double shifts for five straight weeks, please.

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