Sunday, November 08, 2009

Though the fields lay golden...

I was given permission to escape the house for a bit so I went up Cheongdae hill/mountain. Though the colours were past their peak, it was still a scenic hike.

This photo was meant to show how the oak shrubs, close to the ground, still had their leaves and gave the hill itself colour.
The surprise snow on Monday is the main reason the colours are past their peak, and I suppose ruin the title of this post. Indeed, with Monday's weather, I guess the poem would have to be completed with, "something shouted snow." Anyway, I remember learning the poem (about geese flying south in the fall) in elementary school and it seemed appropriate.

Youtube has "Something Told the Wildgeese", if you're interested.

Now, off to Seorak Pines for a swim with the little guy.

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