Saturday, November 28, 2009

Language and KwandongAlex

"I don't want you to be going."
"No, I'm not doing that."
KwandongAlex, age 4.5 -western age.

I want you to focus on the continuous forms of the verbs above, rather than the negativity.  These were just two fairly recent examples of the way my son talks.  He is normally cheerful.

I normally focus on the content and, like all parents, I understand most of his pronunciation quirks without thinking about them.  I don't concentrate much on how I speak either.  Oops, that's wrong.  I concentrate very hard on how I speak to my students, but not so much on relaxed speech at home.

Still, I am not thinking that is the way I am speaking to him when I am staying at home.

Yeah, that looks really weird.  I don't talk like that.

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