Sunday, January 06, 2008

Starting to recover

About 30 hours later and 3 kilos lighter, I can walk across the room without stopping for a rest. Acute gastro-enteritis sure beat the snot -and more objectionable stuff- out of me but I should be fine by tomorrow. (Spellcheck tells me 'gastro' is not a word but it looks right to me).

The Big Hominid described a stomach flu going on in Britain and when I commented that I might have it as well...nothing. Thanks for the sympathy, jerk! Oh, and it you're visiting, I can't find online the name of the crowd control gas from Blish's Cities in Flight (its effect was similar to the flu I have now).


Kevin said...

Sorry about the lack of sympathy, man. I was wrapped up in my own dietary fiber-related issues. Glad to hear you're on the mend.


kwandongbrian said...

No prob.

Obviously I wrote that tongue-in-cheek, but afterward, I realized how seldom I respond to comments that do not have an obvious question. Ironic or hypocritical? Lets say ironic.