Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Another reason to be glad I'm married.

Its funny that in appreciating one's spouse, the trivial reasons seem somehow profound and the big reasons are trite. "She makes me happy to enter the house", "Caring for her makes me feel cared for" and the like are all good (and true) but unremarkable.

I've been at a camp for the last ten days. Well, I was at camp for six days, spent a day at home and returned to camp for three days. After the break, I forgot my towel and asked a co-worker is he could lend me one from his home (he went home each evening). Naturally generous, he gave me a towel of his and it was a western style full-size towel, an unexpected treat after years of drying with hand towels.

Also unexpected was the history of my friend that it revealed. As it absorbed warm water, it released collected odours. I could tell that my friend's bathroom is a little musty, that he smokes but only occasionally and that he probably used it as an oven-mitt when grilling meat.

I realize that this post seems unusually petty, even for me, in highlighting the housekeeping patterns of my friend but on the plus side, I am complimenting my wife in encouraging careful cleaning at home. It is not that my wife is a June Cleaver sort, doing all the cleaning; I do most of the dishes and all of the vacuuming and some of the laundry, but that she sets a good example for me to keep up with.

Nama-Lama, thanks for always having towels that smell fresh from the drying rack.

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