Saturday, January 05, 2008

Justice is a bitch (and perhaps a little humourous)

Yesterday morning, my wife went to work, leaving me, our son and her mother (visiting for a few weeks) at home.

She called me soon after she left to warn me that someone had thrown up in the large elevator. If you were wondering, our apartment building has two elevators, one larger than the other. If I wanted to go somewhere today, I should take the smaller elevator.

I told my mother-in-law. Well, I tried to tell her. what she heard was that her daughter had thrown up in the elevator and that, apparently, I didn't care.

While I was watching the little guy, she went out and cleaned the elevator. I might have seen her leave but we have a few jars and such in front of the apartment and probably thought she was doing something with them.

She worried about her poor daughter all day and likely was thinking a few bad things about her uncaring son-in-law.

When we were all home in the evening and my wife learned about the problem, my first reaction was to laugh a little. Then, I felt bad thinking about the poor woman cleaning some stranger's puke. If you have the proper distance, as my readers do, that may add to the humour.

Later that evening, I felt a tension in my stomach and tried to use the toilet and to burp without any relief. I went to bed around ten and woke up at eleven to use the toilet. I woke up at eleven-thirty to use the toilet. I woke up after twelve to use the toilet, and to hold a bucket to my face while sitting on the toilet.

I will hold off on further details. I currently have nothing left to expel and am feeling a tiny bit better.

Still, I will work on my communication with my mother-in-law and try not to send her about playing in stranger's vomit ever again.

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