Saturday, January 19, 2008

High and middle school camp for Gangneung Students

Despite more than a few complaints before and during, the camp actually went well. The pace was tough; we had a group of students for two and a half days, a half day off, then another group. Each day was around 14 hours long and there was a lot of stuff to be covered. Two and a half days isn't that long for the students but repeating it three times wore us down. Our assistants, Kwandong U's English Lit students, probably worked even more hours and were unfailingly cheerful.

I intend to post about the good and bad parts of camp but not now (and probably I will wait too long and let it go). Here are a few photos from camp.

Students had time to learn some shopping English then had a flea market where they could buy and sell items. Each student was expected to bring something to sell and most did. Students were given play money to shop with, which confused me. The item they brought (and bought) cost real money so had 'real' value. Other items might have a greater or lesser 'real' value, but most students were taught to suggest around ten dollars of play money to have the ability to bargain and haggle.

Anyway, the atmosphere was pretty quiet so I tried to sell some milk tea. Click to enlarge.The first two camps were for high school students and the third for middle school students. The middle school students were not nearly as active in class and this student slept in two different classes. I became annoyed enough to stuff his hood with snack food and affix a sign to his back. The other students told him about it so he didn't wear it around the camp so I was disappointed.

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