Monday, January 21, 2008

PSA for winter pedestrians

Today, I learned, entirely by chance, how to warm my feet up if they feel cold.

I have a pair of sort of half-boots. Not at all suitable for hiking, they are a little warmer than shoes and keep snow out better than shoes as well. My boots are a few years old and it doesn't take long for my socks to get wet these days. If I stop for a few minutes and no longer keep my feet heated by walking action, they feel cold pretty quickly.

Now, I have learned that when my feet feel cold, I should simply not look where I am walking for a few steps. Almost certainly, there will be a broken half-tile or curb hidden by snow for me to half step onto...

My gosh, one's foot immediately feels warm, almost hot, after flexing it over until one is nearly standing on ankle bones!

It took a few minutes to walk normally after the incident, but that foot felt warm all the way home after that.

Good boots might be a better idea, all things considered.

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