Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Perjury trials for Canadian Police Officers

English language bloggers in Korea frequently question the workings of the Korean justice system and often reserve our harshest criticism for the police of this country for their apparent laziness and corruption. We have held the police of our own countries as being better than the ones here.

I should make one set of changes to the above paragraph. Although I think the statements are true, they refer especially to me. Imagine the paragraph above as, "I frequently the workings...reserve my harshest...." As the son and grandson of Ontario Provincial Police officers and coming from a country where a national symbol is the mounted police officer, I normally think the best of my country’s police.

This morning, I saw this news on Yahoo Canada’s front page: Police officers across Canada face once-rare perjury charges

Quote: At least eight officers, either active or recently retired, will heading be to courts in Toronto, Winnipeg and Regina over the next two months accused of an offence that carries a maximum penalty of 14 years in prison.

I do not think Canadian police officers are uniformly corrupt (nor do I think Koreans are either, just a little less professional than I would like) as at least one of the commenters felt. I actually like to read this sort of thing once in a while to remind myself that I did not come here from a perfect place and shouldn’t hold Korean services in contempt

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