Sunday, January 13, 2008

first chung-dae hike of the year

Very early in January, I hiked up Ulsan-bowi. I seem to have misplaced my photos but I may post one or two when I do find them.

The last six days were spent at a camp for Gangneung High School students and a later post will describe that experience. I arrived home yesterday and early this morning went up the mountain.

This is a small, easily accessable peak and I normally carry nothing but the camera but with the snow, I dug out my toys. I brought my half-size crampons and a hiking stick with me and should have brought my gators, as well.

The snow was normally ankle deep but the wind carried snow from the valleys and dumped it on the ridges so some drifts were over knee deep. I made it up without crampons but decided to put them on for the descent. I am not sure if I needed them but they made me more adventurous and fast on steeper slopes. I only wish they were easier to put on and take off.

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