Friday, September 08, 2006

Swimming at Anmok Beach

After work on Thursday, I went to a Gangneung Beach at Anmok with coworkers. It's much more interesting to swim and chat than swim alone, that's for sure.

I used a disposable underwater camera; finished the roll, in fact. I was able to get it developed that night. Below are photos taken with an underwater disposable camera I bought in Canada (on the left) and one I bought in Korea (right). Click on the image to expand.

Both rolls were developed in Korea, but the camera bought in Canada seems to have taken much better quality photos. The water was reasonably clear in all the photos and the bottom-right was taken in a pool. I'm disappointed in the Korean shots. I just wanted to bring this up because Pak-the-elCamino was interested in a disposable, underwater camera.

We had a good swim, and for two of us, Bill and I, it was the beginning of the weekend so we could just relax. That's Bill in the top-right picture, by the way.

Before going home I had the chance to feel ten years old again. I didn't want to ride a bus for over an hour in wet, salty shorts so I went to the public bathroom to change, only to be stopped by a woman who didn't want sand on the floors. After threatening to get changed in the doorway, I gave in and looked for another place to change. I found a little changing shack behind the washrooms. The woman actually walked out back to be sure I wouldn't be sneaking in the back way. Here's the youthful part: out of spite, and especially because she had chosen to keep an eye on me just as if I were ten, after I got changed and she wasn't looking, I threw a handful of sand in one of the bathroom windows! Ya-hoo! That'll teach 'er!

Then I hopped in a car and got a lift to the bus terminal...but I'll be back.

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Nathan B. said...

That was an amusing, but naughty thing you did! ;-)