Sunday, September 10, 2006

Thanks again, Melvin

This evening, I had an incredible craving for Kyochon chicken. I looked through the house for a flyer and couldn't find one. with Kwandongson sleeping and Kwandongwife away, I couldn't leave the house. So, naturally, I looked online. All I could find on the first page of google results was a link for Kyochon stocks. Useless. I couldn't think of where to go next.

After a few pages, I saw a link that looked a little familiar. My good friend had blogged about wonderful Kyochon chicken and included a photo of the box- with a website in plain view. Woo-hoo!

I had been trying but the suffix actually was .com .

Soon, I will be enjoying Korea's best chicken.


PAKA said...

You betcha! Like I said, "It's a box of golden, sweet goodness."

skindleshanks said...

Don't do it!!! It's good, but it's a rip-off--14,000 for a deep-fried cornish hen must mean they've put some illegal addictive drug in the mix to keep them afloat.

I felt sorry for the guy who opened a Kyochon Chicken up in Geojin, and thought, "evolution really does work!" when it went bankrupt two months later.

Give me a few weeks, and I'll see if I can reverse-engineer the recipe. (Sending some over to our place every week would help speed up the process--I'll eat 2 boxes myself, 2 for my wife (we're both on diets) and one for our toddler, let's see, now, that's only 70,000 for a light meal!)

kwandongbrian said...

None for your baby? I think you're missing an opportunity for weaning right here.

Okay. Sounds like six boxes. I hope we can eat six chickens and send you the boxes as quickly as we can...
Is this some kind of diet thing, by the way?