Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Look what the Yankabroad has started.

Recently, the Yankabroad was nominated for an award for his vigilance regarding pollution on his local beaches. Now this.

From the Korea Times (paper issue -I was unable to find it online so no link):

Coast Guard, Fisheries Institute Sign MOU

The Korea Coast Guard and the National Fisheries Research and Development Institute signed a memorandum of cooperation in preserving the marine environment.
...The MOU calls for active cooperation if either party needs equipment for vessles, aircraft and test facilities for the preservation of the marine environment.

I hope the institute is truly committed to protecting the environment and not a front for fishing groups. I've posted before that fishermen are as moral as any of us but are under sufficient pressure to have trouble looking at the long term. "Catch fish now!" might be a good slogan for professional fishermen around the world, but severe limits are important now to preserve fish stocks for future generations.

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