Tuesday, September 19, 2006

More on Hormone Mimics

I blogged recently about hormone mimics in pollution causing various reproductive problems. That post was about fish and bio-magnification and I refered to the book 'Our Stolen Future' by Colborn. She also wrote about the use of plastics and the hormone mimics they contain.

The book is about ten years old but the news has just reached Korea, and hard.

Plastic phobia is sweeping the nation after SBS broadcast a two-part special on environmental hormones on Sept. 10 and 17. The show says environmental hormones in plastic products can cause menstrual cramps, genital abnormalities and precocious puberty. Heating nursing bottles made of polycarbonate generates an environmental hormone called Bisphenol A.
Polycarbonate is used for a wide range of products including bottles, sunglasses, blow dryers and electronic fans because it is both transparent and thermostable. Bisphenol A is also used to coat the inner part of cans and water pipes and to produce bottle caps. Environmental hormones are also detected in detergents, perfumes and cosmetic products.

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