Saturday, April 15, 2006

Hans Island Rider(s?)

I have been inspired by the Dokdo Riders. I will be a Hans Island Rider and travel across Korea (or, at least, part of Gangwondo) telling people about how Denmark is trying to steal our island, Hans Island, away from us wonderful Canadians. I will ask Koreans whether Hans Island is marked on their maps as Canadian territory or erroneously as Danish Territory.

I need to make some flyers explaining the value of our claim. I hope the flag and the banner don't slow my cycling down too much.

To learn more about Hans Island, listen to their radio broadcasts.

Who will join me? No Bernard Carleton, please. Canadians welcome.

I will even lobby back in Canada for support for Danish Cartoonists if they give up on Canada's Island.
Well, Hell. It looks like some accommodation has already been made. There is a joint Canadian-Danish expedition mapping the Arctic Ocean floor in the vicinity.

Hmmm. Can I settle for a compromise? I will settle only when Korea and Japan agree to have one island each (East Island for Japan, West Island for Korea).

Sorry about the short but link-heavy post. I had planned to actually hang a flag and sign off the back of my bike and bother some Koreans with flyers but I turned out to be too lazy. Oh, and I already do support the Danes in their troubles over cartoons.


Nathan B. said...

A first rate post, Brian!

Daniel Costello said...

You need to grow a goat-like beard first...

skindleshanks said...

When I become president of Korea, first thing I'm doing is selling Dokdo to the USA, and then requiring them to conduct all their military activities off that base. In this way two outstanding international "issues" will be dealt with simply and effectively.