Saturday, April 29, 2006

Naksansa, a year later

Again, Blogger has trouble allowing me more than four pictures in a single post.

Sometime before Arbor Day, I expressed a wish to help with treeplanting on Nak Mountain's denuded slopes. I thought that the planting would resemble the work I did one spring back in Canada in my university days. I imagined carrying a bag with perhaps a hundred little trees and a shovel; pacing off two metres and planting another one.

I had seen the reality a few weeks ago but was only in a position to take a picture today. An ajummah army planted the trees and placed the stakes. No one can compete with them.

Nathan was a good guy but seemed to have a fascination with ants. This is a pose he took about ten times during our hike.

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Nathan B. said...

Absolutely fascinating! (Cough, cough!)