Wednesday, April 19, 2006

treatment of pets and how to help - in Korea - those poor American dogs are still suffering

A few weeks ago, I posted about Chindo Dogs in The US being killed and how terrible the Americans were. Alright, that was what the newspaper article I referenced said; I said the article was crap.

Today, the Herald had an article about mistreated dogs here.

You would be hard pressed to walk down a residential block in Seoul without noticing a chained up dog outside on a leash just a few feet long. They may be provided with the basics of food, water and a dog house, but many are not. Are these dogs given walks? Are these dogs given medical care? Are these dogs given any love or attention?

Take the example of a scruffy pup in my neighborhood whose water was a block of ice and the blanket in his dog house was frozen stiff in winter. He was fed table scraps. At only a few months old, he looked mangy and thin. How harmful is this for a dog?

Foreigners here in Korea, David and Catherine Peacock, started an organization to help protect these animals. It seems to be in it's beginning stages with many things planned. There is a fundraiser at Bar Nana in Itaewon on April 29. you can learn more here.

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