Wednesday, March 29, 2006

He's just jealous of us!

...Although, if we change the word, 'CANADIANS' (in the third paragraph) to 'ESL teachers', he might have the majority opinion these days. The Seoul Hero is the only one defending ESL that I can find.

I can't improve on the Herald's article. Here it is in full (including the email address the Herald reporter included - I was uncertain of the etiquette, but the reporter must know what people are likely to do with the address and they have a larger circulation than Gangwon Notes).

Canadians banned from group for cultural understanding

An organization that promotes cultural understanding and brings together people from different nations is open for anyone in Seoul to join. Anyone that is, except Canadians.

In a classified ad in KScene, a free biweekly magazine, World Class describes itself as a group that "brings together all nationalities to discuss world issues and break down cultural barriers and prejudices."

Breaking down the prejudices, however, doesn't extend to all countries. "No Canadians please," the ad continues.When contacted by a Korea Herald reporter by e-mail, the organizer of the group, Bernard Carleton, elaborated further, "The thing is, CANADIANS ARE SCUM! They are self-loving, welfare supporting, over taxing, work ethic hating scum!!! They are not welcome in our group."

Anyone who would like to join the meetings with Carleton in order to break down prejudices, dissolve stereotypes and have an enhanced understanding of people from other countries can contact him at

I found the ad itself at KScene.

World Class is an organization in Seoul that brings together all nationalities to discuss world issues and break down cultural barriers and prejudices. We meet once a week. No Canadians please. Contact

UPDATE: After writing and publishing this post, I began to wonder about the timing and believability of this article. If this is an April Fools joke - ya got me - but only for an hour or so.

UPDATE 2: If was an April Fool's joke as I sort of guessed. Cathartidae broke the story.


Masuro said...

Since I am a Korean citizen (but born and raised in Canada) I can enter the group as a spy and see what nasty things they say about the Great White North. If they have a pot luck dinner I'll bring some seal flipper potpie. I bet they'll like that. :)

Nathan B. said...

I enjoyed that post! ;-) This anti-Canadian fellow has gotten himself noticed in the blogosphere by Cathartidae, the Wanderer, and even the Marmot! I hope he's happy with all the attention he's getting.

Of course, Canadians and EFL instructors here are nearly one and the same. I wonder what percentage of us EFL types in this country are Canadian?