Friday, March 10, 2006

Does the Nomad fish like this?

I doubt it. The Nomad, I think, fishes legally and in a sustainable fashion.

This really pisses me off. People snagging fish with giant treble hooks. I am not pissed off to see the guy (although women do fish in Korea) got snagged himself on the light-standard.
To make things worse, anyone fishing here is as likely to catch a duck as a fish. Any fish caught in this polluted lake would be pretty frightening to eat.
I saw a lot of people snagging salmon in spawning season in Yangyang's Namdae River. The water there was just as shallow as CheungCho Lake but much clearer so I could see that the snaggers would bring one in for every three or more they would rip open but lose.

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Nomad said...

Hopefully, the only reason anyone snags fish is for food and not for sport because I've never found anything sporting about snagging at all.