Friday, March 17, 2006

New Lego

Being a dad has brought to mind my old toys. Of course I don't remember any toys specifically from my first year, but I do remember many toys. I am excited waiting for KwandongAlex to be old enough to play with the toys I remember.

Let's see. There were Tonka Trucks, a variety of stuffed animals, a Ready Ranger Pack (worth a post of it's own) and Lego, wonderful Lego.
Modern Lego, though, looks like a better toy for me now, than for a child. Check out Mindstorm.

Lego has made a robot brain, sensor array and motors that can be built around with a variety of blocks, wheels and all the rest that Lego makes.

Do I need to say that I really want one? Of course, modern Lego is much more than I had thirty years ago. Apparently there is more variety than square and rectangular blocks. Well, I can't wait.


Masuro said...

Wow, and I thought my Lego spaceships were pretty cool when I bought them as a ten year old. I partly gave up Lego when I became a teenager out of shame; they were "kid's toys" after all. Seems like adults are free to indulge in any activities these days without shame, including computer games and comic books. It's a wonderful world. :)

PAKA said... is the best time to buy toys because we can afford them...I buy all the toys I longer have to ask Mom to buy them for me.

Nathan B. said...

I'm a huge Lego fan myself. I really wish that Lego would reissue a lot of all those classic sets, from the Yellow castle to those big grey spaceships from the 80's. Born in 78, I arrived a bit late for those ones. Perhaps my little one, due in May, will be playing with his father's favorite toy!