Saturday, March 18, 2006

Jinjeon Temple trip

The temple overlooks a reservior. Its a beautiful setting when the reservior is full. Skindleshanks told me Sokcho is suffering from a water shortage; seeing this, I believe him. There's not much water in the mountains now.

I got a little lost on the way home. I was determined to take an inland route but had to ask around to find how to get over one of the ranges. I went a great distance out of my way but it was worth it. I found a shaman's tree. There is a bottle of makoli to the right of the tree that might be an offering.
These bottles and the rest are nothing but garbage, however.
I finally found my way to the Mu-u-jae Tunnel. Last year I struggled up and over the hill and nearly threwup. Although I rode 40km today, I consider myself a lazy cyclist. I am very happy there is now an alternative. The tunnel is well-lit and not long; I did not feel nervous at all rolling through it.

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