Saturday, September 19, 2009

Anmok Beach

After work on Friday, I went to Anmok Beach in gangneung. When I left the university, the weather was fine, although I had received a text message that the beach was windy.

Dang! It was cool and very windy. And that means good body surfing.

My friend, who took the pictures, chose not to go in - he was afraid! He also picked a tough place to get out from.
I was rolling and being knocked around so much that he had trouble keeping me in the frame.

I had a great time swimming, but felt exhausted and sandblasted when I came out. I went to my friend's house to see his son and shower a kilo of sand off.
While there I saw the perfect bike for my wife. Look. It doesn't have a cross bar that would interfere with a skirt and even has pink accents on the, uh, handlebars bar. Oh, she would look so cute going to work on that bike. It would even be practical as the electric motor would give her a boost when needed.


Marcus Peddle said...

The electrical bicycle is mine, as perhaps M. told you. The pink handlebar bar gets covered up by the battery when it's attached.
The bike is really heavy and after it pays for itself (it takes a year of not taking the bus to regain the cost) I might look for a better model.

kwandongbrian said...

Yeah, I knew the bike was yours. I figured you didn't respond to my skype this morning because you were so upset about my comments.

I do like the idea of your bike and it would be handy for my wife. I hope it continues to work well for you.

Marcus Peddle said...

I was asleep when you sent the message this morning. The missus was using the computer. You were offline by the time I got up.
Not upset at all.

kwandongbrian said...

The icon was green by your name when I sent the message. I thought it was a little early for you, or anyone on Sunday without children.

Daniel Costello said...

Hi Brian,

Your wife might like this one!

PAKA said...

you have a nice friend. letting you sand off that much sand in his bathroom. i'm sure he loved cleaning it after you left.

kwandongbrian said...

Paka, I'm really feeling guilty now. I didn't notice that much sitting in the tub. Sorry about that.