Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Save a blogger!

A fellow K-blogger might be becoming disillusioned with blogging. He needs comments on his blog, quick!

The EFL-Geek injured himself running:
About 10 days ago I hurt my leg exercising and now it’s really painful to walk. I went to see a doctor twice and got some pills and an injection each time. the injection did wonders, but only lasted one day. Basically I was told to do nothing for one week and everything will be fine. However, it’s pretty much impossible for me to do that unless I take a week off of work – good luck on me doing that...

He posted this information on both Facebook and his blog. On Facebook, he notes:
Interesting - I get more comments on facebook, then I do on my actual blog.

This is clearly a cry for help - both for the physical injury and for people not reading his blog (man, for some people it's all about the hits).

He currently is at 13 comments -including some of his own - on Facebook and only 3 on his blog (all mine, trying to save his blog).

This is a call to arms! Visit his blog and comment - and read a little, it's pretty good.

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