Monday, September 21, 2009

Korean wildlife seen this summer - mostly creepy-crawlies

If I see any other interesting wildlife in the next week or so, I may post it under the same title. I have seen deer near Seoraksan but haven't been close enough to shoot them.

To start, this is what I found after returning home from a month in Canada - my wife doesn't eat cheese and had no reason to notice. I think the colour and visual texture are beautiful - but I didn't save any more than the photo.

Click to bigify the photos.

Most of the insects below were old, I think, and in a bad way. This mantis and the later butterflies are still gorgeous, though.


Catherine said...

That mold is amazing. It looks like a piece of cloth.

The spider & dragonfly pictures are great, although not in a happy way at all.

We've been seeing rodents at Expo Park lately. A couple of rats have actually run across the path on their way to the water. We've seen other mice or rats scurrying around in the rocks along the water and my FIL spotted a heron (or similar type of bird) drowning a rat before eating it. Now that's all Liam talks about at Expo ; )

nile life said...

great photos love the mantis.