Tuesday, September 29, 2009

local festivals

BizarroBrian has a list of festivals that have been cancelled due to fears of the spread of swine flu by cowardly or intelligent organizers. You are welcome to pick which phrase does not apply to Gangwondo festival organizers as at least two festivals went on as scheduled.

In Yangyang, the Songi Mushroom Festival went on without problems, although antibacterial gel was offered.

The little guy was too small to roll the bowling ball but he could shuffle it down to the mushroom-shaped pins. I am not sure if he is now in all the papers and next year's promotional materials.
Here are some of the famous mushrooms. I like mushroom but cannot notice any special flavour in these, the most expensive ones to be found. This box is 550,000 won or around $500 US dollars.

ADDED LATER: As a commenter noticed, as the mushrooms ripen or become more valuable, they also become more phallic. Or maybe, as a dick, they are more highly valued in a society that really, really likes 'nighttime stamina' or phallic symbols.

On Sunday, we went to Sokcho's Expo Park where another festival took place. It had basically closed so KwandongAlex worked on his driving skills.
he drove well for the hour we rented the vehicle. However, on the way back to the rental office, he smashed me in the ankles.

We were both fascinated by this line of kites reaching to the clouds.

The Salmon festival seems to be a go and will be held on October 17, 18.


PAKA said...

mushroom or it that a penis festival?

Anonymous said...

Brian--I, too doubted that there was anything special about these mushrooms. That is, until a wealthy parent gave us a box of them as a Chuseok gift. WOW! Their flavour is very delicate and pungent, but I can say I have never tasted anything like it. It is the easily the most delicious thing I have ever placed in my mouth.