Thursday, March 26, 2009

World championships events: Gangwondo can do them

Women's curling world championships are currently underway in Gangneung. I haven't seen them, but I am sure they are well organized. I have heard that non-standard stones are in use at the championship and some wonder if Korea chose them to give the local team an advantage.

There are two articles in the Joongang Ilbo about big sports events. One is exclusively about being, again, a candidate for Winter Olympics (this time, 2018), while the other compares running a big event, like Women's curling to running the Olympics.

Honestly, I haven't read either one, although I may yet. I did read the title of the one focusing on the next Olympic bid: Third time lucky for plucky Pyeongchang resort:
‘It’s about letting the world know we are fully capable of hosting international competitions.’

I think the world knows Koreans are capable of most anything. The concern for me is having hills big enough and having enough snow for the games to take place and, in my opinion, Korea probably meets these two standards, but only probably. I would vote for a country with similar organization skills but colder weather over Korea without much hesitation.

Friends went skiing through the winter and I'll ask them about snow conditions and report on the subject again but with a little more firsthand knowledge.


skindleshanks said...

Yeah, Gangwon may have smaller mountains, but compared to Torino (practically in the Mediterranean) and Sochi (a palm-tree lined beach resort), Pyeongchang looks like an awesome place for Winter Olympics . . .

kwandongbrian said...

I guess I have been a grump on the hosting thing. I have skied in Gangwondo and it was good. i don't have enough skill to say whether it was great or not, but I was entirely satisfied.