Monday, March 09, 2009

Soccer and Olympics

I don't normally watch soccer, or any sport, but on a clear, spring day, I could think of few better things than sitting out in the fresh air watching Gangwon FC kicking Jeju's butt. I did not, in fact, watch them, but I hope to see some future game. I will have to make finding the schedule homework for my students.

Ho-hmm. Pyeongchang wants to hold the 2018 Winter Olympics. I hope their bid goes better this time than it did the previous two (three?) times. I know they applied for the 2010 and 2014 games but I don't know if they did in 2006 as well. During my March 1 run in Sokcho, I noticed that the organizers were handing out Pyeongchange 2018 headbands for the run.

I am worried, though, that as a Canadian, they might decide to be upset with me when Vancouver hosts the games next year. I will just remind them that I am from the East and the El Camino Packer is from Vancouver - they should focus their crankiness on him.

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