Sunday, March 22, 2009

Island reef job

Around Christmas, Queensland, Australia basically started a lottery, disguising it as a job. That job, to live on a tropical island, in the Whitsunday region of the Great Barrier Reef, not as a hermit but in a very pleasant cabin in one of the most exclusive resorts in the world. Oh, and be paid $100,000 for the privilege.

I applied, as did 34,000 others. Fifty were selected for the shortlist (I was not one). Ten will be selected by Tourism Queensland and one by popular vote to go to Australia for interviews in which one will be chosen.

Today is the last day to vote. I see a Canadian has 50,000+ votes, while the two Korean contestants have around 8000(for the girl) and 2000 (for the guy). Not sure if the gender is significant.

I thought that the country that put Rain as entertainer of the year would be of more help to the Koreans. If you want to help out, for a Korean or another, click here.

Oh, today is the last day to vote, but I think they are on Canadian time, so you may have until tomorrow around noon in Korea.

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Wildman93 said...

Sorry you didn't make it. I didn't make it to Australia either. Check out my site for some reviews of other candidates...

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