Sunday, March 22, 2009

Take the train from Seoul to Sokcho

This sign was next to a table of petitions for an express train between Seoul and Sokcho.

I'm too sick right now to comment or even think deeply about the subject, but here goes.

In my six years in the area, I've seen evidence of the old rail line slowly disappear. The old line seemed to go from Gangneung (where I guess it turned inland) into North Korea. There are still many supports for bridges, although the bridges themselves are gone.

If or when the border opens up, I can easily imagine the value of a rail line here and to points north, but right now, not so much.

We already know that nobody wants to fly here (search "airport" on this blog, if you're interested - I'm saving my energy for vomiting).

It would be nice get to and fro in comfort, and especially to have a bathroom available, but it would be strange to have a rail car all to myself, aside from New Year's eve or the like, I guess.
Oh, the photo was taken with my new Sony DSC T-77. I handy little camera that I bought a few days ago. Thanks for suggestions on what to buy - I am not sure if I followed any or them.


Jin said...

wow this is great!!

cuz i am gonna visit sokcho on May

i can't wait to take it!!

Marcus Peddle said...

Congratulations on the new camera. Sony is a great company and I wish I could afford to buy their top DSLR with those Carl Zeiss lenses.
I think a train would succeed from Seoul to Gangneung (Sokcho, not sure) because the buses are full on the weekends. Planes are not that good for short distances here because they are expensive, don't run every ten or fifteen minutes like the buses, and you don't save any travel time because getting back and forth to airports takes a long time.

kwandongbrian said...

I hope you're joking Jin. My prediction is that the idea is shot down. My wish is that the idea be shot down.
As Marcus suggested, there are buses every half hour or so; possibly more if you take the Express bus and the local bus (both only stop once - for a bathroom break) into account.

kwandongbrian said...

Oh, thanks Marcus. I do like it, although the touchscreen is my favourite way to go.

Jin said...

Well.. I disagree!
There is high demand of going to Seoul faster and vis versa especailly during summer. A major reason why Gangneung is more famous than sokcho is trasportations. I believe opening the border will bring varity of opportunities to Sokcho.

kwandongbrian said...

Jin, I have to admit I replied quickly and without much thought you. Sorry about that.

However, after taking the time to think about it, my answer is the same, minus the "hope you're joking" part.

It would require a lot of work to build. That's not such a problem, I guess. The land from here to Chuncheon would have to be bought and used by the train only twice or so a day - maybe more in the summer. That's a bigger deal and I think it is a deal breaker.

I may try to check the Seoul to Chuncheon trip and see if they have an express run and how often it runs. Again, Sokcho might be busier in the summer but not the rest of the year.

I'll think about what you said, Jin.

Jin said...

I am a person who was born and grew up in Sokcho. Accordingly,
I am able to hear Sokcho citizens' direct opinions from time to time. A lot of my friends including relatives are experiencing difficulty since Sokcho airport got closed. Actually, a acquaintance of mine even said that she's changed her vacation place from Sokcho to Gangneung because of the Airport's close.

However, I had not thought about
spending money on buying the land and cost of construction part, which you are concerning.

I personally believe that constant profit from the train will exceed the money spent for builiding it.

As a person whose hometown is Sokcho, I truly appriciate your consideration and concern. Even though we have different opinions and perspectives, it is really nice to talk with you.