Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sorry, mom

I am learning how to use my new camera.

So, it seems that the trees are blooming in late March and not late April.

My mother will visit soon, arriving in mid- April and leaving in early May. She specifically asked me when the flowers would be in best bloom and I said late April.

Now, the trees are not yet in full bloom but the azaleas will soon be and the cherries, like the ones above, as well. Those are cherry blossoms, aren't they? I am more familiar with the whiter blossoms. Either way, Korea is quickly reaching peak beauty. Luckily, that peak is quite high indeed and Korea will remain a remarkable place to visit until late April or even later, so my mom will still have a good visit.

I remember a haiku contest at my university for elementary school students. One student's entry read something like:
I don't like the spring,
rain, mud, I can't play outside.
Come quickly, summer.

Man, that kid's haiku-fu is so much greater than mine! anyway, I have the last line right and it is so desperate a plea that it has stuck fifteen or more years.

And that is a Canadian (well, definitely an Ontarian, probably more widespread) spring. Korean springs are the highpoint, rather than lowpoint of the year.

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