Sunday, March 08, 2009

Creativity is needed.

The Joongang has yet another article about Korean airports losing money, including some that could never have been considered profitable. Uljin airport and Yangyang airport, on the East Coast, are in locations that are far too rural and their construction must be the result of porkbarreling.

I was surprised to learn that Incheon itself is losing money. Its bad news when a major hub for Asia isn't turning a profit. I'm willing to put that one down to the current economy, as a possibly temporary situation.

Uljin and Yangyang, however, are likely to never be profitable as airports.

Uljin is a little ways from here and I've haven't visited it. The Yangyang airport, on the other hand, is one that my wife once worked at, offering tourism advice to arrivals. I have also flown to and from it (me and five others).

Now the Yangyang Airport is huge, roomy and constructed of beautiful granite - I would say marble, but I don't know the difference between marble and not-marble. After writing the post, I looked for photos online and I don't see much stone. I am convinced that the arrivals floor (first floor) has a lot of stone but the departures floor (second) has a more modern roof.

On the grounds, are some very well-constructed but very short roads.

Security is taken care of.

Now, considering the building alone, I first thought wedding hall. Parking is limited but that could be improved.

Concert hall? Again, it has the aura, with the stonework, but major renovations would be needed.

What ideas can my readers come up with? Remember, you ideas don't have to turn a huge profit; the premises are losing 28 million won PER DAY! Management should accept any idea to reduce that.

Photo one found here.
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Photo five found here (really, here at Gangwon Notes).


PAKA said...

apparently, when the airport in gangneung was being used (not by the air force), it was one of the busiest airports aroung the ROK. was it making a profit? one of my contacts said that the flights were usually full and doing well.

in my opinion, i think that the airforce should move up to yangyang (since it would be closer to the DPRK and hopefully not angering the north) and that the commercial airport should return to gangneung. it would also make more sense since the ROK is trying to get/bid for the 2018 winter olympics...again...and gangneung would be closer to the sites.

sniff...sniff...i still smell the bacon.

Brian said...

The airport is still open, right? You're just looking for something else to stick in there?

* roller/ice skating rink.
* miniature golf
* driving range
* go karts

I dunno, it's a good thing they don't ask me to come up with good ideas in the middle of school.

kwandongbrian said...

I think the airport may be in use by small aircraft - charters and the like - but no major airline is currently using it.
Club Beautifly uses/used it, so it is open to flying lessons.

I like your ideas. One that just came to me was sticking a few soccer fields where the runways used to be. With care, small craft could still use the field.

Daniel Costello said...

Interesting big white elephant with winds at the majority of the time too strong for planes to land or take off.

Perhaps the Koreans could wash their hands of it by ceding it to the Japanese making it official Japanese soil - on the express condition - that it be turned into a giant duty free shop - for Korean customers only - and in part exchange for any Japanese claims over East Sea or islands within its vicinity which should remain unnamed herein?