Sunday, May 25, 2008

Crappy beach weather

Saturday morning began with thick fog but around 2pm we cast solid shadows outside the apartment building. So KwandongAlex and I went to the beach.

There, the fog remained thick and cool. The little guy had fun running in circles and in patterns that probably made sense to him and we both chased a few pigeons, but I kept him in a long sleeve shirt.

I had hoped for better. I was ready to make the plunge, long overdue. No dice.

KBS was problaby also hoping for better conditions. They interviewed me, requiring that Sokcho's handsomest guy be in the picture - and my son, as well. We may be on the telly on Friday, around or after 7:00am.

Lighting conditions were really weird; it was diffuse but still too bright for me to see the images on the screen of my camera. I tried to take a pic of the KBS crew - the cameraman, the English speaking interviewer and the pretty girl (she probably has lots to do when interviewing Koreans but this is not the first time the producer or someone has interviewed me while the host looks on in a friendly but blank way) - but the camera was claiming there was no memory card. I couldn't see that there was a problem until after they had walked away. I chose not to chase after them to repeat the photo, although that might have been ironic as we took three takes for the video.

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