Friday, May 09, 2008

My work and family life combining terribly!

This morning, my son saw a work videotape on the table and carried it to the VCR.

I guess I am happy that KwandongAlex is interested in my teaching materials. Still, I watch the same episode of Connect with English, nine times a week. I watched them last year and the year before that. I can quote long sections of dialogue and sometimes sing along in class, to the student's amusement and my own horror.

The material is fine but, well, it doesn't fit the student's needs as well as I would like (to be fair, I don't have a better curriculum to put forward). It can be difficult to teach but mostly the result for me is like an adult trying to watch a children's movie and be interested in it. To make it understandable, the issues are skimmed over and not at all shaded.

Interestingly, the issues are serious and can be dark but the dialogue is corny and the whole thing is somewhere between a professional TV show and my own UCC (Konglish for homemade video).

And now my son wants to watch the videos at home....Is there no escape? The horror, the horror.

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