Thursday, May 15, 2008

Cut off in traffic

The bike shop in Midland, Ontario really came through and delivered a crank with three gear rings to my mother, who then sent them here. The price wasn't much more than the local guy had listed for two gear rings. I know that having three gear rings is a relatively new phenomenon; I never saw any thirty years ago but I sure like the low-speed, high-power ring for hill-climbing. I use it much more than the big, high-speed ring. I am a slow-moving, fat, middle-aged man, after all.

Still, I was riding with traffic today; keeping up with the congestion and the traffic lights. I passed, and was passed by, one car about three times before the driver made a right turn in front of me.

And I couldn't get angry at him, either. That might be the most annoying part.

If he had been fifty metres ahead of me and made the turn and I caught up with and hit him, that would clearly be my fault. If he had passed me and immediately turned, that would just as clearly be his fault.

He was maybe ten metres ahead; just far enough that I don't know for sure that he was to blame.

I had time to hit the brakes, roar, twist and gently broadside his car behind the back door. We stopped together and both apologized. No harm done to either vehicle or person so we went on but I was gasping for several minutes afterwards.

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