Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Indiana Jones Quadrology is overrated!!!

There. I said it.

Did I say it right? Is quadrology even a word? Anyway, this series of movies is not that great. Sure, the original Raiders was fantastic and I suspect it still is. The second movie sucked big time -more below, and the third was completely satisfactory, partly due to Connery's involvement. The fourth movie is not good at all - again, more below.

Granted, its been a while, but what I remember most of the second movie is Indy holding a (living, belligerent) swordsman's arm and hand and using them to duel a second swordsman. And that he did that many times. For some reason, that is what strikes me now - that's what I remember now - as being the most unbelievable part. It seems to rank up there with Catwoman (Halle Berry) escaping from jail by squeezing between the bars.

I have just returned from seeing the fourth movie and enjoyed myself. In a few years, I expect my son will enjoy it, too. That is unless 3-d and holo-entertainment haven;t ruined him for entertainment that was good enough for his dad - kids, those days!

Still, there was a lot wrong with the movie. My biggest problem is continuity. There is a scene in a 50's dinner (the movie is set in the 50s, so they probably just called it a dinner) where LaBeouf knocks down the ketchup and mustard containers, in the next scene they are upright and in the next scene, they are down and Indy sets them upright.

That's a small thing. Worse, and this is chiefly because it is the last thing you see in the movie...

[no SPOILERS ALERT!] ......................... [no SPOILERS ALERT!]

In the last scene of the movie, Labeouf is about to take a picture. A slightly interesting thing happens and he is distracted. Then everyone leaves the room, Labeouf is the last to leave, and he walks out, leaving the camera on a chair. It does look like simple forgetfulness; not on the character's part but on the director's or the editor's.

There are other plot problems but there is so much excitement that you can ignore most of it.

Enjoy the score, enjoy the trailers for some cool upcoming movies and don't even try to think about the plot - you'll only hurt your think-bone.

Added later: Ha, ha! Gangneung doesn't have a good movie theatre!

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