Monday, February 04, 2008

sharing a communal soup?

The Lao-ocean Girl, as always, was way ahead of everyone else on this story. I can't find her post of double-dipping, but she discussed it a few years ago.

Yahoo has an article about finding bacteria in communal dips, just in time for the Superbowl. I presume the same information applies to the shared condiments available at a Korean restaurant. My favourite side dish is dwen-jang jigae (soy bean soup) and now I know I need to either hog it all to myself, be sure to eat first or pass on it altogether.


Marcus said...

If we go to a restaurant together, please pass on it altogether so I can eat it. :)
Double dipping doesn't bother me at all, though I would hesitate to share a bowl of anything with a person who had festering wounds about the mouth or a very bad cold.

Anonymous said...

Not relevant to soup, but worth a listen when you have a moment:

kwandongbrian said...

The link is not relevant to soup and doesn't work. Further, in visiting the sermonaudio website, I am horrified by the lack of understanding of evolution which they abhor.

Not accepting evolution is a personal choice but incorrectly describing it to better drive others away from it -well, I'll call the speakers bad researchers rather than liars but that's only no better reason to listen to them.

If you continue to comment here, I will post such comments as fit in as you are unfailingly polite in your comments but I am likely to remove those that aren't relevant. I may later ask you to give up your anonymity (in a private email) at some point. If you have something to say, its better to stand behind it.