Friday, February 01, 2008

How out of shape am I?

I've been swimming at Sorak Pines Resort and really happy about how quickly I got up to 1500 metres.

Today, I brought my watch to the pool deck and timed a few swims. The result: either I am ready to challenge Park Tae-hwan or the pool is much shorter than the short course standard of 25 metres!

What I originally figured to be about 1500 metres was actually around 1000 metres.

And I didn't notice.

It felt more or less as tiring as it should.

Anyway, I am now increasing the distance. 6 lengths took just under a minute thirty seconds so I figure that is close to 100 metres.

Other fitness news:

It seems I write more about exercise at the beginning of the new year. I do think about resolutions and such but i think it is more a matter of where I exercise. Typically in January and February, I am near scales so I see (and shudder at) my weight. My exercise is more measurable, too. Sometimes the measurements have only local meaning -I can compare distance and speed at Sorak Pines to other swims at Sorak Pines but not to other pools, for example. I mentioned years ago that ...wait, I have to back up a little.

In January, I bought 24 tickets to use the Sorak Pines pool and 30 tickets for Hae-su-pia Jimjilbang. I described, above, the pool. The jimjilbang or 'sauna' has a weight room and bathhouse facilities on one floor and dry saunas and an open area on a lower floor.

Now, I have to use the pool tickets by the end of March, but the sauna tickets are good forever. The sauna is a good place for us to take the little guy when it is too cold and windy to play outside. The open area is great for him to run around in and there is a children's area, as well.

Anyway, I am back to the sauna and its weight room but some of the weights feel surprisingly easy. Again, I can compare my lifts at the sauna to other lifts there but not to other weight rooms or historic lifts I have done.

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