Saturday, February 09, 2008

LegoLand Exhibit at Coex

The Kwandong family spent a lot of time on the bus yesterday and went to Seoul. We visited Children's Grand Park and the Lego Exhibit at Coex Mall.

It was our first visit to Children's Grand Park and we had a great time. We could have spent the whole day there. The zoo is tiny and I am not sure how humane the conditions were but the little guy got to see a lot of animals close up. We found an alligator song (in Korean) on Yahoo Infants a few days ago and the little guy hasn't learned the word 'alligator' in Korean but can say 'Alligators, ahhh!'. We also saw many monkeys (most in outdoor cages -a little colder than most of those creatures would be used to) and the black gibbon was the most interesting. It faced the glass and watched us as closely as we watched it.

Of course, the little one was just as interested in the pigeons and magpie he saw.

We had lunch with a family friend then went to Coex, planning to see the aquarium. When I saw signs for the Lego exhibit and that it closed on the tenth, we had to investigate.

When I worked in Seoul, I had a student who 'taught' Lego. She went from house to house with various kits and young children made simple things and older, even high school age and older, students made robots and explored physics concepts with Lego creations. The full range of stuff was on display here. KwandongAlex and I made stuff with blocks bigger than my head, some intermediate size and the small pieces I was familiar with.

And that was a big part of the draw. I saw a lot of dads concentrating fiercely while they worked (and some moms bored nearly to napping). Perhaps that is why children and adults alike were charged a whopping fifteen thousand won to experience what was basically an extended Lego commercial (perhaps mothers should have been charged less).

photos in earlier posts ( the ship is from Norway and had a Norwegian flag before I changed it to the tae-kukki and I don't really think my friends really pose in such artificial stances).

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