Thursday, February 28, 2008

More remarkable Korean research in the international news

An American Evolution blog has made the news here for its fisking of Hwangian Research concerning mitchondria by a Korean scientist (and an apparently Egyptian colleague - this link is to a screen shot of the Korean article. The words are a little blurred but I think it says Warda, the second author, is from Egypt). The newspaper is not named at Pharyngula.

UPDATED: Here is the Korean newspaper page, the Hangyoreh.

Pharyngula (the Evolution blog) author Myers generally accepted the research until these few sentences caught his eye:
This might be true, but we still need to know the secret behind this disciplined organized wisdom. We realize so far that mitochondria could be the link between the body and this preserved wisdom of the soul devoted to guaranteeing life.

Mitochondria are remarkable organelles but one seldom finds research or reference to souls in biological reports (or chemistry reports or Physics reports...)

The article has also been criticized for plagiarism (BTW, check out Joe Seoul Man on the subject).

The Korean author is Han Jin of FIRST Mitochondrial Resarch Group, Inje University, Busan

The article has been removed from the journal's website.

Dr. Han has responded
directly to Pharyngula but did not particularly clear things up.

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