Sunday, February 17, 2008

Checking in

Not much going on, here. The little guy and I both have colds and he doesn't know how to use tissue, hankerchiefs, or to sniffle - I've been keeping up, trying to avoid a slime trail through the apartment.

Two friends got married yesterday at the Sokcho museum in a traditional ceremony. I'm sure they have their own comments about the wedding but the high point for me was when they tossed the rooster and hen into the air at the end of the ceremony and the hen made a good run for the door. Apparently, she was a little heavy, so she dropped some ballast on the way. I don't know who got hit.

Next week is the last week of NURI camp (I have no idea what the initials are for but they fund ESL study for tourism majors at my university). The work's been good but it is heavily focused on TOEIC. The students have a TOEIC test this Friday. TOEIC is an annoying and difficult thing to teach -the point of the test is for students to be prepared for any possible answer.
"Are you going to class, tomorrow?" could be answered by "yes" or "no', but also by alternative plans or excuses. Some stuff can be taught but there really isn't a clear subject through any one class.

Anonymous, although I have other things going on, I plan to respond to your comments - I will post here, on the main page, when I do.

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